CICO                  VICO
Initiatives on Cosmic Origins
Research Group
  1. Thomas Bisbas
    Thomas Bisbas
    Postdoctoral Associate (UVa)
    Interstellar Medium, including photodissociation regions, HII regions, cosmic rays, astrochemistry
  2. Yu Cheng
    Yu Cheng
    Ph.D. student (UF)
    Core mass function; star cluster formation; massive star formation
  3. Duncan Christie
    Duncan Christie
    Postdoctoral Associate (UVa)
    Magneto-hydrodynamics; exoplanet atmospheres
  4. Nicola Da Rio
    Nicola Da Rio
    Postdoctoral Associate (UVa)
    Star and star cluster formation; pre-main sequence evolution
  5. Juan Farias
    Juan Farias
    Ph.D. Student (Chalmers)
    Theoretical models of star cluster formation
  6. Qi Li
    Qi Li
    Ph.D. Student (UF)
    Magneto-hydrodynamics; galactic interstellar media and star formation
  7. Mengyao Liu
    Mengyao Liu
    Ph.D. Student (UVa)
    Massive star formation
  8. Emily Moser
    Emily Moser
    Undergraduate Student (UF)
    Star cluster formation; protostars
  9. Viviana Rosero
    Viviana Rosero
    Postdoctoral Associate (UVa)
    Massive star formation
Former Ph.D. Students
  1. Audra K. Hernandez
    Audra K. Hernandez
    Ph.D. (UF, 2011)
    Ph.D. title: The Initial Conditions and Early Evolution of Star-Forming Clouds Current position: Assistant Scientist, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  2. Yichen Zhang
    Yichen Zhang
    Ph.D. (UF, 2013)
    Ph.D. title: Massive Star Formation: Theory and Observation Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, RIKEN, Tokyo, Japan
  3. Michael J. Butler
    Michael J. Butler
    Ph.D. (UF, 2013)
    Ph.D. title: Probing the Initial Conditions of Massive Star and Star Cluster Formation: a combined approach of MIR extinction mapping and numerical simulation Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, MPIA
  4. Shuo Kong
    Shuo Kong
    Ph.D. (UF, 2016)
    Ph.D. title: The Brightest from the Darkest: Deuterium Astrochemistry and the Onset of Massive Star and Star Cluster Formation in Infrared Dark Clouds Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale
  5. Benjamin Wu
    Benjamin Wu
    Ph.D. (UF, 2016)
    Ph.D. title: Giant Molecular Cloud Collisions as Triggers of Star Formation: Numerical Simulations and Observational Predictions Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, NAOJ, Tokyo
  6. Xiao Hu
    Xiao Hu
    Ph.D. (UF, 2017)
    Ph.D. title: Inside-Out Planet Formation: Pebble Delivery and Planet-Disk Co-Evolution Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, UNLV
  7. Wanggi Lim
    Wanggi Lim
    Ph.D. (UF, 2017)
    Ph.D. title: Dust and Gas in the Cradles of Star Formation Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, SOFIA Science Center (from Dec. 2017)
Former Postdoctoral Fellows
(inc. hosting via the Florida Theoretical Astrophysics Fellowship Program)
  1. Elizabeth J. Tasker
    Elizabeth J. Tasker
    Florida Theory Fellow
    Simulations of disk galaxies and GMC evolution Current position: Faculty position, U. Hokkaido and JAXA
  2. Sven Van Loo
    Sven Van Loo
    Florida Theory Fellow
    Kiloparsec-scale simulations of disk galaxies Current position: Lecturer, U. Leeds
  3. Aaron Boley
    Aaron Boley
    Florida Theory Fellow
    Protoplanetary disks, planet formation Current position: Assistant Prof., Univ. of British Columbia
  4. Sourav Chatterjee
    Sourav Chatterjee
    Florida Theory Fellow
    Star cluster dynamics; planet formation Current position: Research Scientist, Northwestern Univ.
  5. Jan E. Staff
    Jan E. Staff
    Florida Theory Fellow
    MHD simulations of massive star formation Current Position: Assistant Prof., Univ. of the Virgin Islands
  6. Kei Tanaka
    Kei Tanaka
    Florida Theory Fellow
    Massive Star Formation; Radiative Transfer Current positions: Researcher, Osaka Univ.